Am I ready to ride the blog WAVE? Not sure! Will I step out onto it? Here we go!

Are you ever ready for something new? Will you ever feel that now is the time to start something? Really?

Okay! I’ve had several folks tell me that it’s time and I’ve fought it every step of the way until this week when I felt an overwhelming sense to STEP . . . just step . . . step OUT! So here goes . . .

WordPress? Didn’t know what it was.

Plugins? Nope. Dashboard? Well, maybe.

To tell you the truth, I’ve written several of these “posts” over the last couple days and apparently have not saved/published/viewed/etc. them the “right” way because when I go to view . . . well, they are back to “template” view, you know, the verbage THEY put up until you get your stuff uploaded. So this time . . . 3rd, 4th time, I will copy what I’ve typed and save it somewhere else and then . . . then . . . I can copy into this very same window  . . . . J I C !

So . . .

If I Can, I Should . . . I should! I will! I’m getting ready to hit the Publish button!

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