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Here we go on the BLOG wave! The blog lists out there tell you to make lists, check lists . . . what lists have I made . . .none. So here goes. I’ve come up with a name that has been a phrase of mine for years and one I believe in, really believe in. I have always felt, down deep in my knower, that if you can . . . you should. So why not? A title, a blog name, well . . . here goes!

If you can love, you should

If you can create, you should

If you can laugh, you should

If you can be adventurous, you should

If you can cry, you should

If you can have, you should

If you can celebrate, you should

It takes time and effort and planning and executing and, and, well . . . you should! It’s worth it, every time. It’s easy to put it off, or think someone else is going to do it or plan it or follow through . . . but what if they don’t and it doesn’t get done. Then you’ve missed out, a friend’s missed out, a family member’s missed out . . . no fair! Like the ad says . . . Just do it!

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