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Wife to the most loving and giving man;

Mom to two of the greatest sons and my daughter-in-loves;

Dede to my 5 angel grands: Caroline, Sarah, Kellen, Kayleigh & Maddux!

Charleston, South Carolina

Philippians 3:14

“In the search for me, I discovered truth. In the search for truth, I discovered love. In the search for love, I discovered God. And in God, I have found everything.”

25 Random Things About Me

1. I love the smell of playdough

2. I am a typography fanatic

3. Being baptized in the Jordan River in Israel is one of the highlights of my life; seeing my husband get baptized when he goes will be another.

4. I still have my cheerleading megaphone from high school. I know, you can’t believe I was a cheerleader.

5. I miss my grandmother but I’m so thankful I had her in my life for so long . . . she lived to be 99 ½.

6. Every time I put my house key in our front door, I thank the Lord for the incredible blessing of our beautiful home.

7. Consider it Done is the name of my organization business!

8. I went to kindergarten and first grade in Godmanchester England.

9. I took piano lessons for 7 years

10. I never, in my wildest dream, could imagine the love I have for my granddaughters.

11. My husband plans the best surprises.

12. I love that I have a job that I don’t consider it working when I go everyday!

13. I read the newspaper every day of my life.

14. I could listen to a fire crackle and watch it with all the lights off all night long.

15. I had 48 pairs of shoes when I got married.

16. I brought a boa constrictor into a club one night for my brother’s birthday.

17. I love being a mother of two incredible boys who grew up to be men with two incredible wives.

18. I have 4 metal plates in my upper jaw and 2 wires in my lower jaw.

19. I scratched my phone number on a limosine bumper in Graceland’s driveway in 1972 . . . Elvis never called.

20. I attended a women’s college, majoring in special education until I interned in a special needs class for six weeks . . . wanted to take everyone home with me so I changed my major to business.

21. I once dove off a 70 ft cliff in a rock quarry (on purpose).

22. DCM Graphix is the name of my freelance design business!

23. I had to use my father-in-law’s wedding band for my husband on our wedding day?

24. My closet has it’s own zipcode.

25. I’ve been very happily married for 34 years to the hottest PE teacher I know!

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