In-Laws or In-Loves


Someone very special to me is turning 83-years-young today and I wanted to share a huge life lesson that she taught me and changed me and my family forever!

Imagine my surprise the first time my mother-in-law introduced me as her daughter-in-LOVE . . .


Both I and the acquaintance I was meeting were visibly  enamored with the new term that neither one of us had ever heard.

That’s how it started!


From that day, my precious mother-in-law referred to me as her daughter-in-love. Yes, we have a great relationship, beyond measure, but that one phrase “kicked it up a notch” needless to say.  So, what did I do? Started referring to her as my mother-in-love! I think we both realized what happened every time we said it . . . it endeared us to each other a little more EACH and EVERY time! We were speaking something in the natural that was facilitating something in the spirit.


Soon, her daughter and I began to do the same . . . referring to each other as sister-in-loves! Since each of us grew up without sisters, we were anxious to cultivate a relationship together. We began to experience the same growing closeness with each use of the phrase “in-love”.


Raising two boys, I knew that one day, I wanted to become a mother-in-love! We prayed for both our sons to meet and marry the women that God had planned for their lives.  I included in that prayer that our daughter-in-loves-to-be would be open to creating a loving and nurturing relationship with me as the one I longed for with them and also, for them with each other. He has done that . . . Brad and Ryan are both married to incredible, beautiful, loving women, Julia and Jennifer. In addition, they each grew up without a sister and now consider each other sisters-in-love. Jennifer recently shared this with me about our treasured phrase . . . “I’ve only just recently started to truly understand what being an “in-love” really meant. Being called an in-love before I ever felt like one, prepared the way and allowed me to step into something that I did not fully comprehend at the time. I feel like after hearing it over and over that it finally started to sink into my core, that this is my family! This came with the realization that I did not fully understand what FAMILY was. My “in-loves” are these amazing people who love me for me, who care about me, want the best for me, and love me unconditionally! The bond of marriage may have joined us together, but it’s the journey with them that has been the most rewarding! Being an “in-love” allows me to go past the barriers and lines of being an “in-law” to being a sister, a daughter, a niece, and an aunt! I truly am in love with my “in-loves”!”


My sister-in-love, Dawn, when asked about the term, said “we are not bound up with the “in-law” stereotype, we are truly a family in love…unconditional love.”


God has blessed me with “in-loves” that are not only my husband’s family and my son’s wives, but we are knitted together in my heart “in-love”.


“Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is, Christ. –Ephesians 4:15

As Ephesians says, speaking the truth to each other in love, has moved us, as a family to an in-love family!

Are you in-laws or in-loves?

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